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Valentines Day Specials for 2015

Something special for someone special. We have a sweet treat for the most important man, woman, boy or girl in your life this Valentine’s Day. Pre-order a heart shaped cake by Saturday February 7th to choose your custom flavor pairing. … Continue reading →


Be Still My Heart! | Valentines Specials 2013

Do you “XOXO” your boyfriend? Maybe your wife makes your heart “giddy”. Or you just want to let a friend know you will be there for them “4 Ever.” Whatever your heart desires, say it with Betty this Valentines. Highlighted … Continue reading →


I ♥ Betty Bakery

Along with snowflakes, love is in the air. Valentine’s Day desserts are coming soon to Betty Bakery, and here’s a glimpse at what you can buy for your loved one(s) — or for yourself. Not your typical box of chocolates: … Continue reading →


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