As Seen on Brides 2012

[I]t is the new generation of food artisans, offering hand-crafted twists and
personal quirks to familiar flavors, that are driving the borough’s signature style.
Yes, there are likely more cupcakes per capita here than any other place on the planet.
But there are also…golden Twinkie vamps called “Twinks” amid the exquisite wedding
cakes at Betty Bakery in Boerum Hill…, August 2012

The rest of this pastel-painted shop’s best sellers are also as retro as its decor—
think chocolate-covered graham crackers, snickerdoodles or peanut butter and jelly cookies,
and red velvet cupcakes. Those in the know also seek out the place for its ultra-modern cakes.”

NY Daily News, July 2012

“The plums in the tart are as soft and juicy as they look, and practically dissolve
upon contact with the tongue. Wisely, there’s little to distract from their sweet, slightly
tart flavor — it’s just them and the crust, a buttery, savory concoction stippled with raw sugar.”

Village Voice, January 2011

“Perhaps the secret is in the double glaze. Cheryl first brushes the cooled cake
with lemon juice and simple syrup. Then she drizzles on another glaze made from lemon
juice and confectioners sugar… Finally, she takes a doily and places it over the cake,
shaking powdered sugar to create a delicate design. As a final touch, she places little curls
of sugared lemon rind on top.”

NY1, March 2011

“The display shelves are lined with classic sweets like fruit tarts filled with vanilla cream,
tender red velvet cupcakes and luscious dark chocolate–frosted layer cakes;
the sugar for the coffee sits on a 1920s mint-green oven. The place is so welcoming…”

Food & Wine, June 2007

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